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Plastic pallets

We also hold in stock large quantities of
plastic pallets in various sizes – i.e. European
and UK standards, and also 43 x 43 square.
For competitive prices call our Sales Team.

We can also supply various types of plastic
pallets for export or the UK food industry.
Plastic pallets are required by many clients in
the food industry (in preference to wooden
pallets), for better hygiene. We can supply
the plastic pallets in various sizes to conform
to UK standard sizes: - 1,000mm x 1,200mm
and for sizes 800mm x 1200mm. In addition
to the standard size pallets we also hold a
stock of non-standard sizes.
For a full list of available sizes please contact
our Sales Department on 01582 871000 - or
for a quote, please or email us at
Call sales on 01582 871000 or email pat@mluttandsons.co.uk
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